About Us


Our Story…


When it comes right down to it, it’s not about us; it’s about our dogs. The Barking Lot journey began in September of 2007, after we rescued our two beautiful, adorable and equally mischievous dogs, Bruno and Murphy. Our intentions were to only adopt one dog, but after meeting these two brothers from Georgia, and seeing the amazing bond they had for one another, we didn’t have the heart to separate them. So there we were, with two puppies to take care of and full time jobs to attend to. With two puppies, its twice the mess, twice the chewing, twice the training, which means for me half the sleep, half the energy and half the time to do it all in. Like all “moms” I wanted the absolute best for my boys. The idea of crating them all day and being in the house all-alone absolutely broke my heart. A dog walker was an option, but that just wasn’t enough time and exercise for them. While at work, I couldn’t help but think, “Were they lonely? Were they bored? Were they chewing my sofa? Were they having accidents in the house? I always wondered, “ What kind of trouble did my little monsters get into today?” They weren’t bad dogs; they were just bored dogs with lots of energy and curiosity. I realized then, something had to change; I wasn’t being fair to them. My dream was to be at home with my newest family members by my side, providing them with all the love and attention they deserved and so desperately wanted. It was then, The Barking Lot adventure began.


Rescue Organization Involvement


To help with the ongoing problem of pet overpopulation and canine homelessness, The Barking Lot actively supports dog rescue organizations in the local area. We offer our facility to these organizations to assist in raising money, collecting food and blankets and helping their dogs find new, forever homes. If you're looking for an addition to your family, please consider the option of rescue. There are so many amazing dogs that are in desperate need of a loving home. 




Meet My Boys


Murphy - (The Pleaser AKA Sweet pea)

Murphy is just about the sweetest little boy on the face of this planet. He is so gentle and kind, and will do just about anything to get your attention. He is a 90lb lapdog that has absolutely no idea how big he is. Shortly after adopting Murphy, we realized he was going blind in his left eye either from a trauma as a pup or an under developed eye. Either way, the Vet told us the eye had to come out because it was causing terrible migraines and swelling, which lead to seizures. Instead of sewing the eye shut, we decided a prosthetic eye from a canine optomologist was the best solution for our little man. He is such a happy and healthy dog; he amazes me every day. His charming demeanor makes him quite the ladies man at The Barking Lot. Murphy also loves to cuddle and give kisses to just about any one that is willing to accept them. He wins the heart of everyone he meets. His strategy is to sit next to you, put is paw on your leg and stare at you with his sweet little eyes until you fall in love with him. It works every time.


Bruno - (The Protector- AKA The Gentle Giant)


Bruno is our gentle giant weighing in at 100lbs. Like Murphy, he too is a lap dog that is unaware of his monstrous size. He is a very handsome boy with a majestic broad chest and distinctive black freckles on his snout. Bruno has taken on the role of protector and peacemaker of The Barking Lot. When other dogs play too rough or become vocal in their play styles, here comes Big Bruno to save the day. He is particularly fond of little dogs. Without fail, the smallest dog in the pack is Bruno’s sidekick for the day. Whether it’s with people or dogs, Bruno likes to play a little hard to get. He needs to warm up to you first and establish your trust before he allows you into his circle. But once you’re in, he is the most gentle, lovable man in the world. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to please you.